Know how many mutual funds are there in India?

There are 47 registered Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in India that offer little more than 3200 different schemes. (AMFI – Aug 2018)

As of Q2 2018, the total assets under management (AMU) are about INR 2,34,0361.6496 crores with the top 10 AMCs cornering more than 80% of the market share.

% of AUM by various AMC – Q2 2018, AMFI

ICICI Mutual Fund and HDFC Mutual Fund are the two largest AMCs in India responsible for more than 26% of the AMU — about INR 6,00,000 crore.

Top 10 AMCs

These funds are further subdivided into 10 categories with Income & Equity based funds become the top 2 categories accounting for more than 60% of the assets under management. 

CategoryAverge AUM (Crore)
Equity (other than ELSS)704764
Liquid/ Money Market484167
Equity – ELSS84,069
Other ETF78,868
Infrastructure Debt Fund2,119
Fund of Fund investing overseas1,575

Source: AMFI

Data Source: AMFI