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3 Incredibly Useful Resources If You Are Building or Scaling A Startup

1) Masters of Scale podcast by Reid Hoffman
Hosted by LinkedIn Co-Founder and Greylock Partner Reid Hoffman this podcast delves into the stories of how companies grow from zero to a gazillion. The series unfolds like a music-infused detective story as Hoffman tests his theories with famous founders.
This show features a lot of important lessons from founders and executives who have created successful companies and scaled ideas. The fact that these are contemporary companies makes them all the more relevant.
Check it out here.
2) Stanford Graduate School of Business on Youtube
This Youtube channel is a fantastic repository of talks from accomplished leaders from various businesses over time. Whatever topic you are seeking inspiration, ideas or resources on, you can probably find them here.
Check it out here.
3) StartupSchool – MOOC by YCombinator
The first batch of this online course is over but the lectures are available for access and believe me, it is a treasure trove, especially if you are just starting up.
The lessons are taught by entrepreneurs and industry leaders with the aim of teaching people about how to start a startup, and equip them with the resources and tools to help prepare them now and in the future.
Check it out here.

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