Can Trees Talk To Each Other?

In her fascinating talk about her 30+ years of research in Canadian forests, Suzanne Simard shares an astounding discovery — trees talk, often and over vast distances.
Through a vast underground network, trees communicate with each other. How exactly does this happen in the forest?
To quote Suzzane

You see their reproductive organs when you walk through the forest. They’re the mushrooms. The mushrooms, though, are just the tip of the iceberg,because coming out of those stems are fungal threads that form a mycelium, and that mycelium infects and colonizes the roots of all the trees and plants. And where the fungal cells interact with the root cells,there’s a trade of carbon for nutrients, and that fungus gets those nutrients by growing through the soiland coating every soil particle. The web is so dense that there can be hundreds of kilometers of mycelium under a single footstep. And not only that, that mycelium connects different individuals in the forest, individuals not only of the same species but between species, like birch and fir, and it works kind of like the Internet.”

Wondering if Steven Spielberg happened to reach her research before making Avatar. Do watch it: