So how many people in India use Facebook ?

 As of March 2016, Facebook has over 142 million users in India, of which approximately 133 million (93.66%) accessed the site from their mobile phones.
Nearly 69 million people in India use Facebook daily, of which 64 million access the platform through their mobile devices. Source: Vijay Shankar, Facebook Head of Products (Facebook Lite)
Below is a city wise breakdown.

Estimated monthly active users according to adverts  : 29 Nov 2015
All India –¬†137,000,000
Delhi/NCR –¬†14,000,000
Mumbai –¬†¬†8,300,000
Bangalore –¬†9,100,000
Chennai –¬†11,000,000
Kolkata –¬†13,000,000

As of today, about 108,000,000 people use Facebook in India making it the third largest user base for Facebook after USA and Brazil. Roughly 8.9% of Indians use Facebook. As of 2011, there were about 121 million people accessing internet in India. Here is the breakdown of the usage in the top 5 cities in India.

Can social media shape Governance ?

Technology can help interconnect networks and institutions.  Its not just policing governance but actually create new forms of Governance.
In this highly informative talk, Beth Noveck, the former deputy CTO at the White House, shares a vision of practical openness — connecting bureaucracies to citizens, sharing data, creating a truly participatory democracy.
Its also worth nothing that the Government of India has just launched the National Data Portal based, a platform for supporting the open data initiative of Government of India. The portal aims to provide single-point-access to datasets published by various Ministries/Departments of Government of India.  For more, visit