Free VPS/Cloud Servers

Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Auzre, RackSpace and almost every major cloud computing company gives free/trial plans. While it is business strategy, it may be useful for you if you are looking at something for a short span and not willing to pay a bomb for it. In this post, I am only compiling a set of such plans and would add/edit as things evolve.

CompanyFree Plan OfferedDuration
Digital Ocean $10 Free CreditTill you exhaust the credit
Amazon Web ServicesEnough to run a website for free for a year. ( 1 Year
Microsoft Azure$200 (~Rs. 12,000) credit ( month
Google Cloud$300 ( months
$600 free credit –  $50/month for 12 months to use toward the cloud services.
1 year

I’m a big fan of digital ocean but I equally like AWS. I’m currently experimenting with Azure and planning to try the Google Cloud soon. I hope to write detailed tutorials for each.

1) Getting started on digital ocean.