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Higher Education in India 2015-16

The recently released data from the All India Survey on Higher Education (AISHE), 2015-16 shows a fascinating picture on the status of college education in India. Out of the 799 Universities, 39071 colleges and 11923 Stand Alone Institutions identified by AISHE, 754 Universities, 33903 Colleges and 7154 Stand Alone Institutions have responded during the survey. [Data Source]
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Total enrolment in higher education has been estimated to be 34.6 million with 18.6 million boys and 16 million girls. Girls constitute 46.2% of the total enrolment.  Here’s how the gender ratio varied between the various courses offered by colleges across India.

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Gender ratio across the field of study offered by colleges across India.
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2656 Colleges were established in the year 2008.

[tabby title=”Top 10 Programs”]
Top 10 courses in India by the number of students enrolled in them.


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