Independent MPs in the LokSabha

In the last 60 years, India has seen 4,665 MPs being elected to the Lok Sabha from over 140 political parties.  4242 of them were men and 316  women.
Information about our Members of the Parliament both in the Lok Sabha and the Rajya Sabha, was recently uploaded in the Data Portal of India.  I consolidated all the basic information of the Members of the Parliament into one single .CSV file and converted it into a Mysql database (both of them can be found here).  I then ran specific queries to get the data I wanted to analyse and used google fusion tables to visualise them. Below are the first three visualisations.
1) Independent Members of the Parliament in the Lok Sabha from different states.
2) Independent Members of the Parliament organised by the sessions of Lok Sabha
3) Male/Female ratio in the Lok Sabha
*Some constituencies have changed and now are in different states as compared to their original state. I’ve counted them according to the present state where the constituency falls.
I plan to create more such visulaisations out of this dataset and add more data to this dataset too. If you want a specific visulaisation or data to be added, let me know and I will try to do it.
Independent Members of the Parliament – Statewise

Independent Members of the Parliament – Lok Sabha wise

Members of the Parliament – Male/Female