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IPOs in 2017

11 Indian companies have gone public so far in 2017, raising a total of over Rs. 6,500 crore.
ipo 2017
All most all the companies were oversubscribed, with two companies — CDSL & DMart — being oversubscribed by more than a 100 times. The current value of these companies is approximately Rs. 9,300 crores (an increase of 42%. Some companies are yet to be listed)

Company Number of times oversubscribed
BSE 51.22
MBL 39.67
D Mart 104.59
CLEducate 1.9
Shankara 41.88
S Chand 59.49
Hudco 79.53
PSP 8.58
Tejas 1.88
Eris 3.29
CDSL 170.16

If one takes the over-subscriptions into account, investors bid more than Rs. 403650 into the market bidding for these shares (12% more than India’s Defence Budget for 2017 – 18).
Here’s a live tracker of how the companies are performing vis-a-vis listing

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